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Sunrise large-size series of modules officially released with new technologies


Sunrise large-size series of modules officially released with new technologies

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Die Zeit der Veröffentlichung:

At the end of last year, Sunrise has possessed the ability to mass production of 158.75 square mono modules. Now is the time to truly fulfill the commitment. After rigorous testing and precision transformation in the technical department for several months, Sunrise announced a new series of mono modules can be produced, of which 72 cell half-cell modules with a maximum power of 400W.

The series of PV modules put into mass production are a total of 6 types: 60 cell whole piece, 60 cell whole black piece, 72 cell whole piece and half-cell products for the above three types. As the PERC technology became the standard configuration for high-efficiency cells in 2018, the market tends to move toward higher wattage targets this year. The large wafer plus half-cell technology can effectively increase the power of modules.

The half-cell technology has become cost-effective due to its advantages of reducing hot spot effects and power generation loss during ambient occlusion. From the perspective of market demand and product reliability, large wafers will be one of the main development routes in 2019. In the inflection point of bidding and grid parity, the combination of the two can bring module efficiency to a higher level.

Sunrise's new modules with excellent technology are better applied in large-scale ground power stations, which can further reduce the EPC cost and increase the generating revenue.