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Koen Wolters and his party visited Sunrise Energy


Koen Wolters and his party visited Sunrise Energy

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July 5, one of Sunrise’s closest partners in European PV market, Koen Wolters, Caroline Wolters and four others visited Sunrise global headquarters.

At the meeting, Koen conducted a comprehensive analysis of the European market and discussed with Sunrise how to grasp the market situation. Finally the two parties reached consensus. The two sides decided to expand the European market by joint efforts and seize the PV market share. Sunrise said the company's capacity will exceeded 1GW in the next two years. Intense competition in PV industry leads Sunrise to strengthen R&D efforts to respond to changing market conditions, and to provide better and efficient products to European customers.

After that, the foreign trade personnel in Sunrise took the customers to visit the company's product display hall and the new factory. The customers expressed their admiration for the update speed of products and Sunrise’s keen nose for the market, because Sunrise confirmed by the practice “No one I have, I have excellent” concept in product iteration.

During the visit to the workshop, the customers praised Sunrise’s new equipment. Thanks to the equipment, Sunrise can control the quality of products better and improve the efficiency of automated manufacturing. Meanwhile, the customers gave a big look for the fully automated equipment which will be put into use in October. After this visit, Koen and his party have more reason to believe that Sunrise will create greater glory in the European market.